How to plan the wedding of your dreams and please your parents too


How to plan the wedding of your dreams and please your parents too

Most of us have a pretty specific idea of what our ideal dream wedding would look like, and why wouldn’t you? It’s your special day! You and your partner have found eternal love all your own, and it’s only right for your wedding to reflect the unique story that brought the two of you together.

However, when you get into the actual planning process things can sometimes get a bit difficult. When family, and more specifically parents get involved they may have some of their own ideas you don’t necessarily agree with. Most couples today deal with one important decision...and that is whether to plan a wedding that is traditional, or go with a more modern approach when tying the knot. To this we say, why not a little bit of both? The art of compromise can most likely be your saving grace in some of these tricky situations, but at the end of the day make sure that your vision doesn’t get blurred! We’ve put together a little guide to a few topics that can get a bit touchy with you and your family when planning your wedding!

Guest list

Traditional weddings with their extensive guest lists seem to be a thing of the past, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. It has given the opportunity to downsize to a more intimate affair which is a popular trend among modern nuptials. With a smaller guest list your special day can not only feel even more special, but you’ll have the freedom to spend some more quality time with your guests! Nevertheless, that also means that who you send an invitation to becomes a little more cut throat. Between friends and family it can become problematic as we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but decisions must be made regardless. Start with your local guests and work from there! Many people are still choosing not to travel and adhere to social distancing so that relieves some pressure. When discussing your guest list with family it’s crucial to stress the importance of an intimately safe affair!

Religion and culture

Throughout many religions and cultures there are plenty of games and traditions that have been a part of the celebration of marriage for generations. Some may seem outdated whereas others may simply not align with your adulthood beliefs. While it’s a good idea to have the conversation, also keep in mind the history and sentimental value some may hold for your loved ones.Think back to attending weddings with your family growing up...what were the ones that got everyone involved with laughter and having a great time? Maybe consider keeping those and doing away with the rest. It also would help to talk to your family in order to gauge their personal favorites! Perhaps assign them the task of creating a list of the top three things they would look forward to at their children’s wedding. Not only will they feel included in the planning, you may get caught up reminiscing on some of your favorite memories! Take that list and leave the rest up to you and your partner. Whether you pick one or more I’m certain it will soften the blow that they may feel otherwise.


Speaking of religion and culture, most traditional weddings often take place in a church of the family’s faith. However, a lot of modern couples are opting to choose their own venues. It seems to be a controversial topic, but many partners are not able to resist the freedom that comes with choosing your own venue. Many churches can be breathtaking, but aren't able to be altered to a specific taste. With no restrictions on a blank canvas that many venues provide, you and your partner gain the ability to control every detail. You can say “I do” in a garden, on the beach, or a swanky hotel. Not only that, you also have more control over the ceremony itself. Whether you want to write your own vows, recite poetry, or have an idea that’s all your own! Once again, it’s all about compromise. Perhaps pick your venue, but have a certain part of the ceremony be included as a nod to history and tradition for all your family to see!

At the end of the day it can be near impossible to make everyone happy, and try as you may in certain instances it's not worth the stress and sacrifice on your wedding day!

You have found the love of your life to cherish and to hold forever, and the day you solidify that bond should be all your own! Appease other’s opinions, but it’s also quite alright to put your foot down. What will you decide? Whether it's all traditional, modern, or a combination of both, House of Devam has the handcrafted luxury jewelry to adorn yourself with on the big day! Check out our site and continue planning your dream wedding!

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