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How do you clean real Polki jewellery


how to clean polki jewelry

This form of jewelry was introduced by the Mughals in India. Polki Jewelry is made with unfinished natural diamonds or uncut diamonds. These diamonds are given shape for a basic cut and are polished well in order to make Polki jewelry. Polki Jewelry is extremely heavy and is used as a cheaper option for pure diamond jewelry to be worn as a bridal jewelry or for wedding festivities.

Polki jewelry is more expensive as it uses a lot of cutting and polishing of uncut diamonds. The labor takes up most of the costing. It is elegant and aesthetic. It is sleek and minimal. Duplicacy of this is very rarely found since it is not very easy to replicate the original craft.

Do’s and Don’ts to take care of Polki Jewelry shall be discussed in this blog post.


  1. The jewelry should be kept away from direct or indirect light and moisture. 
  2. Keep different pieces differently. They should be kept in air tight boxes or bags in order to protect them from moisture. The moisture will end up corroding the pieces if they are not kept properly.
  3. Use warm, non-detergent based soap or baby shampoo to clean your jewelry and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Make sure to dry them properly before packing them up.
  4. Get your jewelry checked once a year to avoid any kinds of damage or having loose screws.
  5. Always put on these heavy pieces once you are done setting your makeup and hair with sprays. Wait for 5 mins for it to settle down and then put on your jewelry to avoid its contact with any kinds of chemicals present in them. 
  6. While letting your jewelry breathe out, keep it in a moisture free area to make sure there is no kind of corrosion happening to the gemstones.
  7. While cleaning the jewelry, make sure you dry them properly.


  1. Keep them away from all kinds of assorted scents, sprays, deos and perfumes to avoid tarnish of the jewelry.
  2. Avoid their contact from hard soaps, detergents and flavored or dirty water.
  3. Make sure you don’t leave them in lights and dusty regions a lot. It might lead to early corrosion of the piece.
  4. Do not keep your jewelry on while putting on cosmetics, hair sprays and chemicals.
  5. Do not keep the jewelry locked in a box for too long, it will erode. Every jewelry piece needs some time to breathe.

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