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Well... That is how it all began!


What is that saying about things happening when you least expect them to?

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A sweet middle school friendship


Joseph and Kate’s story started at school when they were 12 years old...

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Their love made it work!


Blake and Ciara’s story begins 2 years back when they met each other online...

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When you know, you know...


Anna and Weston first met at a church Bible study and immediately connected...

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Their first date lasted 6 hours!


Aman and Sanaya met through a mutual friend and immediately...

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Congratulations to our newest Devam couple!


From Singapore to Morocco, Milene and Nicolas took the leap to the greatest journey...

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A fateful high school encounter led our newest couple from cotton socks to a Devam ring!


Thank you for allowing us to share in another one of your adventures and memories together...

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Finding new ways to date in early 2020 was an interesting challenge


It goes without saying that finding new ways to date in early 2020 was an interesting challenge...

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Love and positivity are still in full swing


With 2020 bringing unique challenges to each of our traditional day-to-day lives, it's always refreshing and heartwarming to hear...

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Easily the best graduation gift a girl could get!


Who knew assigned seats could lead to something so beautiful?

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The final rose of the evening


From the moment they first visited Ottawa’s Le Nordik Day Spa in 2017, Amanda and Aneesh had been swept away....

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A brilliant congratulations to our newest Devam couple!


Claire and Jeffrey first kindled their future together in their senior year of high school...

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We're thrilled to be part of a new love story


Mayan Patel and Evani Patel love story unfolded after Evani relocated to Birmingham, Alabama...

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A love story that began on the ocean waves


Devam’s newest couple found each other through a mutual passion for the water.

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High atop the canopy of Costa Rica


The moment of a lifetime unfolded for Jon and Olympia.

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When you know, you know!


Two wonderful dates and a few days later... and he knew!

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Love is always grounded in hard work


From gym partners to madly in love, this couple's story is just too sweet to believe.

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Though paths may wind and wander...


Love will always find its way into our hearts and lives!

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